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Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Get your supper orders in early to beat the heat of last minute needs and save.

Talk to your sales reps about summer specials and save more money on your favorite altar boards and stickers.

Watch for Summer Classes for personal Mandala Painting coming to a location near you.

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Spiritual Altar Boards







Meditation is the best medicine, an instant medicine for mental health.

In order to understand the real approach and significance of Meditation, one must first understand what health signifies. Complete health is a symphony of both physical and mental well being.

We have created altars for you to use as tools when following your spiritual path, no matter which path it may be. The one thing in common among these paths, is the fact you must focus, meditate and practice what you believe in order to follow that spiritual path. Our Altars allow you to focus your energies into your meditation, your magick, and for specific purposes. Meditation is a fast growing practice in almost every path/religion available to man. Even evangelicals meditate on their personal needs. It is for this reason we need to be able to focus on our objective(s) and it is why we felt there was a need for our altars on a global scale.

We know we will help you in your search for balance, health, alignment etc by utilizing our pre charged altars as the perfect tool.

When not in use, the altars are used as a decorative item in the home or business as decor that may be displayed on a table, in a lighted cabinet, larger altar, sacred space or even hung on the wall. They are in fact works of art to display on a continual basis. Even your friends and family that do not know their meaning to you will look upon them as a work of art and true beauty.

We understand there are many area of interest among our customers, so we try to offer altars that will fit their needs. For example we have a lot of folks that requested an altar for fairy wicca. We delivered the Fairy Star Altar Board.

Others are enchanted with the triquetra and its use in magick. Again, we delivered both the Triquetra Green Altar and Triquetra Red Altar Boards.

What about the Triple Moon Goddess interest? Yes, again we delivered the Moon Goddess Altar Board.

Below are a few items of interest that are in our Spiritual Category.

The seven-pointed star continuously drawn with seven straight strokes is called a heptagram or septagram. In Western kabbalah, it symbolizes the sphere of Netzach, the seven planets, the seven alchemical metals, and the seven days of the week. It is a sacred symbol to Wiccans who follow the "Faery" tradition, where it is called the Elven or Fairy star. For some, the points represent the seven directions: north, south, east, west, above, below, and within.

For others, the seven magical elements: earth, air, fire, water, life, light, & magic. Still others say the inner and outer elements: earth, air, fire, water, heaven, earth and self.

The heptagram is also used in Christianity to symbolize the seven days of creation and became a traditional symbol for warding off evil, which is why most sheriff's badges are obtuse heptagonal shapes. It is also the symbol of perfection (or God) in many Christian religions.

Fairy Star Altar Board Triquetra Green Altar Board Moon Goddess Altar Board Triquetra Red Altar Board

Other spiritual altar boards are listed below, but are large enough to have their own categories due to their expansive meanings and uses.

For example the Planetary Yantras are for personal issues arising from obstacles blocking your path, health issues that need attention, relationships you need help or guidance in, and of course the always required financial aspect. Yes, no matter who you are in the world, you always need basic funds to obtain the necessities in life. If for example you need more financially, you would want to use the Planetary Yantra for financial gain.

What about Vastu Shastra? This is the practice of balancing the energies in our homes, businesses, or personal spaces. If anything is out of balance in the home, it may be devastating to your personal health wealth or relationships with others. We must control the energies around us in our homes, businesses or personal spaces if we ever hope to be successful in our lives. we are either at home or at work for the majority of the time. Since we are, if the energies are not balanced and we are within these areas, it will effect our every day lives in some cases most dramatically. To counter these effects, we offer altars to allow us to correct the problem areas, and in turn effect our well being. You do not even need to believe in this practice to see the effects it has on your life. Most of your major financial giants feel their companies MUST be balanced in order to be successful, and pay millions of dollars to balance their corporate headquarters, as well as their private homes in order to achieve the best possible surroundings that they feel control or effect their personal lived and financial outlooks. IT WORKS!

If you wish to use the Yantra or Vastu Shastra Altar, but do not know or understand which you may need, simply click on the corresponding link at the top and you will be taken to a simple guide that will tell you the basics of each Planetary Altar and its mantra that is to be used to control that aspect of your life or surroundings. Use it to balance the energies or meditate on your particular issue, and the altars are guaranteed to make a difference in your surroundings and ability to focus while meditating.

Chakras are another major player in your personal health and everyday life. You must control your inner energies as much as the outer energies in order to maintain both inner AND outer peace and wellness. We offer many altars for the alignment of chakras as well as tools to focus upon while meditating.

As a matter of fact, it may be that you have a specific chakra that hold a personal meaning for you over all others. There are specific meanings behind each of the chakras other than that of the whole. It is for this reason, we offer the individual chakra altars. you may choose to obtain the entire chakra depiction OR you may also obtain a specific chakra, depending on your personal needs. no matter what your desire, we have you covered.

Even the symbol of the Yin Yang has a deep meaning, and is a perfect altar of choice. It is the balancing of energies at opposite ends that we struggle with every day. You may choose to obtain a Yin Yang altar for your meditative needs. Read more by clicking on the link above labeled "Yin Yang".